Business cards

Have you ever made hand made business cards?

I hadn’t, until now. Turns out, I needed to have business cards to send to this Go-Live workshop, so I had to create some ASAP! I took so long to figure these out, how to get the right fonts and the logo up at the top in the right position (Made With Love logo was handdrawn, and scanned. I put it on the back of all my cards 🙂 Finally I printed them, and my printer wouldn’t work! The image looked way too pixel-y and blurry! 😦 Took about five tries, printing on different programs and paper, when finally I got it right! Turns out, one of the printer cartridge tabs hadn’t been removed. Oh, joy. Anywho, here are my business cards. I cut them each with a different fancy scissor, so while the edges aren’t perfectly straight, they are pretty!

IMG_5199In other news, I just updated my Etsy store with the panda and the fox as a set with my Lion and Squirrel cards. But worry not! If you want them all by their lonesome, just check back later this week, as I will update each card as an individual set.

Love Always,


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