Last night, I drew a hedgehog card, but I’m running out of animals to draw. I might draw a skunk next, or a ferret. I don’t know. Let me know what you think 🙂   Is it crazy that this reminds me of someone who’s about to go do a dance video with a sweatband […]

Business cards

Have you ever made hand made business cards? I hadn’t, until now. Turns out, I needed to have business cards to send to this Go-Live workshop, so I had to create some ASAP! I took so long to figure these out, how to get the right fonts and the logo up at the top in […]


Drew a new fox card to send for the Go Live workshop 🙂 I haven’t decided whether to send one of each card, with no duplicates, or five copies of three different cards. Here is the Fox! Will be updated to my etsy store soon, along with the panda. What animal should I draw next? […]